Marriage preparation

Aimed to prepare couples for a thriving, lifelong marriage, Calvary provides counseling tailored to meet their unique needs and desires.  In part, preparation consists of:

  • Pastoral Counseling Sessions - These sit-down sessions between the wedding couple and the presiding pastor will explore God's vision for marriage and help prepare the couple for a future together as husband and wife.  Pastor meetings are initiated upon the completion of a Wedding Request Form and subsequent scheduling of a wedding ceremony. For more on Weddings>>
  • A Pre-marriage Workshop - Conducted by an ordained Lutheran pastor and certified marriage counselor, this Saturday workshop brings together couples having the same questions and desires for the future.   Couples have to opportunity to:         
    • Create a vision for their lives together
    • Learn about intimacy and boundaries
    • Understand how patterns of communication work
    • Develop a satisfying way to work through conflict
    • Increase self-awareness and their ability to share
    • Identify family of origin patterns

          Held at various times though out the year, a schedule of dates and registration 
          instructions are found online. For more>>