Small group FAQs

Interested in being part of a small group ... but not sure what to expect? Explore the following FAQs for answers to questions you might have.


What is a small group?

A small group is a gathering of eight to 12 people who meet for fellowship, prayer, study and service.


Why join a group?

Joining a small group will help you connect with others who share a similar interest or life stage, develop deep friendships and share support and encouragement as you "walk through life together." Your faith will also be enriched through your study discussions and service together.


How do I join a group?

Either follow the simple steps to join a group or start with a small group experience through the Alpha Film Series, The Truth Project, or Financial Peace University class. Or contact Pastor Carol Skjegstad by e-mail or at 763.231.2983 to get connected to a group.


Do I need to be a Calvary member to join a group?

No. Visitors, as well as members, are welcome to join a small group at Calvary. To facilitate communication among groups, we do ask that small group leaders be Calvary members.


How often do groups meet?

To effectively remain connected, most groups meet at least twice a month. Several groups also meet weekly.


When and where do they meet?

Individual groups decide on their meeting times and locations. Meetings are held at various times during the week in members' homes, at Calvary or at another location of their choosing.


What is a typical small group meeting like?

A typical meeting format will include time for prayer, fellowship, a Bible or life application study, and refreshments. Some groups start with an ice breaker and many use part of the meeting to plan an upcoming service project or an additional fellowship event.


Can I start my own group?

Yes! To start a new small group, contact Pastor Carol Skjegstad by e-mail or at 763.231.2983 to get more information or schedule a training session.


Is it hard to lead a small group?

No. It's actually easy to lead a group. If you have the heart to connect people in faith and fellowship and can host a group of people in your home, you can lead a group. A short, one-hour training is provided to give you the basics you need and shared leadership within the group is encouraged in the areas of prayer, group study and service.


What resources and help are available for small group leaders and members?

Explore our serving opportunities, event information and online links. A resource center is located on Calvary's main floor behind the receptionist's desk with small group books and studies available for preview and check out. Small group mentors are available to help your group get started or navigate any group dynamics that need addressing. The small group e-mail contact list, Calvary Calls, weekly eNews, adult ministries eNews, and the worship bulletins also provide information for small group leaders and members.


How do I get additional information about small groups?

Contact Pastor Carol Skjegstad or e-mail at 763.231.2983.