Calvary Works

Sunday, May 21

Calvary Works returns with opportunities to spread mulch, get gardens ready for planting, clean, sort donation and show God's love among local schools,  mission partners and others in need of a helping hand—to work together for the sake of the world!

At 12:30 p.m., after our regular worship schedule on Sunday, May 21, we will disperse to various work sites throughout the area. Let's make a difference together!


How can I get involved?

There promises to be a project for everyone—there will be opportunities at Calvary for those looking for a less physically demanding activity or something that doesn’t require transportation to another location. 

Here's how you can get involved...

Sign up to volunteer. Sign up now>>

Donate items to be used in projects at Calvary (see below). 

Bring a friend and/or organize a group. Talk with your small group, family, neighbors and friends about signing up to serve together on May 21.

Be a team leader. Each project will need an on-site leader who will coordinate with the site representative and get the specific details about their project and communicate and organize transportation with their Calvary team members.


Donation drives

Prior to May 21, take part in a number of donation drives benefiting Sole Hope, CES, PRISM, Operation Christmas Child and Venture North, . All donations will be used or delivered through our day of service together!

Sole Hope
- Clean blue jeans
- Large safety pins
Clean plastic containers (e.g., milk jugs, thin plastic folders, laundry detergent bottles, two-liter bottles)
- Emla (or any topical numbing cream)
- Stickers for the children
- Surgical gloves
- Cotton balls
- Medical tape
- Antibiotic cream
- Gauze
- Band aids

CES & PRISM (May 14-21)
Non-perishable groceries and hygiene items, especially:
- Macaroni & cheese
- Granola bars, crackers, cereal and oatmeal
- Applesauce and other canned fruit
- Canned tuna and chicken
- Fruit juice or vegetable juice
- Peanut butter and jelly
- Flour & sugar (5 lb. bags only)
- Beef stew and chili
- Canned or dry soups
- Canned vegetables
- Chicken and beef broth
- Vegetable oil
- Pasta, rice and beans

Operation Christmas Child
-hand sewing needles
-straight pins
-tape measures

Venture North
Adult and children’s bikes in any condition

What if I have questions?

Contact Dawn Dresser by e-mail or at 763.231.2988.