Endowment Funds

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Calvary believes that Christian stewardship leads us to bless others beyond our own lifetimes. Calvary Endowment Funds help people do just that. Become a donor and/or apply for a grant through one of the funds...


Types of funds

Calvary currently manages seven funds - two Primary Funds and five Special Purpose Funds:


Primary Funds

Primary Funds are used to meet a wide variety of needs.

Special Purpose Funds

Special Purpose Funds are used to meet specific needs, such as assisting shut-ins, supporting missionaries, sending Calvary youth to Camp Wapo, and providing post-secondary scholarships.

Become a donor

A donor is a member or friend of Calvary with a known desire to give to Calvary Endowment Funds through lifetime or planned gifts. Download donor FAQs>>

A gift may occur:

* While the donor is living.
* Through the donor's will (such donors are recognized as "Legacy Partners"). 

Become a Legacy Partner>>

Any size gift is appreciated.


Endowment Funds newsletter

Read "The Power of Leaving a Legacy," a regular newsletter of Calvary Endowment Funds that shares stories of donors and recipients. Also includes a financial overview of all funds and recent grants. 

Spread the word

Know others who might contribute to and/or benefit from Calvary Endowment Funds? Help us spread the word! Download Endowment Funds brochure>>

For more information

-about Calvary Endowment Funds, contact Liz Turner by e-mail or at 763.231.2963.