Calvary's Church Council

SPECIAL NOTICE: Senior Pastor Call Committee Nominations
Calvary’s Church Council is now seeking nominees for the Senior Pastor Call Committee. This committee must consist of at least 11 members. We are looking for spiritually mature Christ-followers who are willing to prayerfully discern God’s leading and unite in the effort to find a senior pastor who will embrace the urgency and importance of our mission.

After your prayerful consideration, if you would like to recommend someone or if you would like to submit your own name, please complete the form available at Calvary’s Information Center by Monday, May 1. You may also use the online form below to submit recommendations by the same date. Please be aware that serving on the committee may require a significant commitment for an extended period of time.

In accordance with Calvary's Constitution, the congregation must approve members to serve on the Senior Pastor Call Committee based on nominations presented by the Church Council. The council will present the final list of nominees at a special congregational meeting projected to be scheduled in early May 2017.

Calvary's Church Council is comprised of lay members who represent the interests of their fellow members and uphold Calvary's overall mission and constitution. Our current council members are...

Executive Committee

President - Dave Kufahl
Vice President - Rich Graversen
Secretary/Treasurer - Heather Hosfield
Members at Large - Jim Borowick, Pete Duelo

Church Council

Craig Anderson
Susan Bagge
Rick Bode
Thomas Bonhiver
Jim Borowick
Paul Carlson
Alan Dewey
Pete Duelo
Dan Hanson
Heather Hetzler
Marisa Houghland
Sondi Johnson
Tim M. Johnson
Anne Kaluza
Suzanne Kersten
Cory Maass
Scott Madson
June Mattson
Susan Mork
Philip Nelson
Christine Olkives
Steven Opheim
Connie Otto
Lisa Paulson
Mary Jo Peterson
Craig Recknagel
Lisa Reesnes
Carol Rudd
John Swanson
Steve Thompson 

Council minutes

Calvary's Church Council meets regularly -- usually monthly -- to discuss the church's latest news and priorities and to make decisions around Calvary's overall direction. Minutes are posted here to keep the congregation informed on the council's latest activities.

Jan. 24, 2017 (pending approval)

Nov. 22, 2016 

Sept. 27, 2016 

Aug. 23, 2016

June 28, 2016

May 24, 2016

April 26, 2016

Feb. 23, 2016

Jan. 26, 2016

Nov. 24, 2015

Sept. 22, 2015 

Aug. 25, 2015 

June 23, 2015 and Attachment (re: governance)

April 28, 2015 

March 31, 2015

Jan. 27, 2015


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The council welcomes your questions and/or input. Please complete the following form, which will be forwarded to the council president.

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