Reid and Carolyn Lamphere

Greetings from Malaysia,

We’re ready to begin our ministry at the 29th Southeast Asian Games.  4,800 athletes are waiting to compete in 38 different sports.  I’m here with 8 of our staff from SEA (4 from Thailand and 4 from Singapore).

Please pray that God will use the 9 of us to bring Christ into the thoughts – and prayerfully into the lives – of many of these athletes.

I sensed the presence of God in my first hours in Myanmar.  I landed, went through passport control, then customs and then was standing trying to decide where I would find a taxi to our hotel.  A guy came walking up to me, smiling.  I vaguely knew his face.  He said “Hello, I know you”.  I was trying to remember what country in Southeast Asia he might be from – because he didn’t look very Asian.  Then he said “I am from Uzbekistan.  I met you about 5 years ago”.  He’s a key volunteer in our Athletes in Action ministry in that country. He drove me around for a day when I was there for the World Wrestling Championships (the time a couple of my teammates got arrested for distributing Christian DVDs.)

Anyway, he comes to Malaysia for 3 months every year, earning money for his family by working for some tourist company.  He is returning to Uzbekistan the day we finish our project.  He’s an internationally licensed soccer coach and has always wished that God could use him in the world of sport in Malaysia, but never had any contact.  One of our staff from Singapore is from Malaysian and is planning to return this year to start AIA here.

Just a little thing but still a God orchestrated thing.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will move us to places and people where we can be used by Him in effective ways.

I’ll keep you posted on how to pray…..

Blessings in Christ,


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