Reid and Carolyn Lamphere

      I’m going to try again – after 8 days – to see if I can send this email.  I wrote it but haven’t been able to send it.  Hotel internet in Kusadasi, Turkey is terrible.  Let’s see if this will send….

Good Morning from Turkey,

      I hope you’re reading this.  My attempts to send a message to you in the last days have all been futile.  The internet is horrible in our hotel.  I’ll keep this really short and see if it will go through.
Prayer Request  #2
     Thank you for praying for the final preparation for teaching our new training material.  Now please pray that the hearts of those attending will be encouraged and motivated by what they are hearing..
     The very specific prayer request is that you would pray for the 17 key “players” in our new strategy.
9 Countries & National AIA Leaders
   Cameroon,  West Africa            Silas
   Ethiopia,  East Africa                Tsegaya
   Nigeria,  West Africa                 Smart
   South Africa                              Bruce
   Togo,  West Africa                     Magloire
   Zambia,  Southern Africa          Collins
   Guatemala                                Cristobal
   Honduras                                  Marco Antonio (Not able to be with us in Turkey)
   Moldova                                    Ghena
8 “Developers
   Carl Dambman                         On my Global Chaplaincy Team
   Don Zellmer                             On my Global Chaplaincy Team
   Mike Buchanan                        On my Global Chaplaincy Team
   Steve Newman                         Athletes in Action Campus Ministry – Ohio
   Tim Pitcher                               Athletes in Action Soccer Ministry –  Cincinnati
   Adam Kjorvestad                      Athletes in Action Basketball Ministry
   Steve Morgan                           Athletes in Action Soccer Ministry – Kansas City
   Dave Johns                              Athletes in Action Canada – Pro Ministry
     Each of the above “Developers” will be matched with a country (Carl will take 2 countries).  They have each committed 2 years to helping bring sport chaplaincy to a new level in each of these countries.  They will travel 3-4 times to their country and will be on weekly Skype calls with the AIA country leaders.
     The prayer request for now is that the Developers and AIA Leaders will actually LIKE each other.  We spent months discussing and praying about who should be paired with which country.
     If you get this it means I’ve figured a way around the pitiful internet and then I should be able to give you more information.  I’ll send you the pairings next time for you to pray for specifically.  Pray for the internet.  The hotel’s only response is:
“The internet in Kusadasi is not good.  Maybe it will be good tomorrow”.
              Reid & Carolyn
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