Tom and Mary Holman

“Drinking from a fire hydrant” was indeed a good description of what our studies of Hebrew and the geography and history of Israel were like. We made some improvement in reading and understanding the Hebrew Bible, and we had good teaching on various aspects that are important in translation. We spent eight full days visiting places that are important in the Bible – usually with at least four different sites in one day! (Yes, we floated in the Dead Sea, but sailing on the Lake of Galilee was lots more fun.) It was exhausting but invaluable, and we loved Israel.

Tom’s mother did well at the assisted living facility, and she really enjoyed visits from her family, including unexpected visits with six of her great-grandchildren. However, yesterday she became dizzy and fell, hitting her head in three places and scraping her arm, so she ended up overnight in the hospital for observation. There was no bleeding in her brain, though. Thank you for your prayers!

Your partners in Bible translation,


Mary and Tom Holman

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