Hourly Childcare

Calvary Hourly Childcare is an early childhood ministry of Calvary Lutheran Church that provides part-time childcare (make reservations from 1 hour to the 7 hour full day) for children ages 16 months to Kindergarten. Open September – May.

A customized schedule and curriculum is offered for two age groups:

Fall enrollment for 2019-2020 opens February 19. Register now

NOTE: Many families combine the Hourly Childcare and Pre-Kindergarten—a nice option for the parent who works part-time and needs a little extra childcare coverage!

Hours of Operation

Calvary Hourly Childcare is open daily:

Tuesday through Friday
8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
September through May

… except for designated holidays and teacher workshop days. View 2018-2019 calendar

Registration & Rates

Registration is required for admission into Calvary Hourly Childcare, and different rates apply based on age and number of children participating. Learn more


For the convenience of all participating families, both permanent and on-call reservations are available. Learn more

Policies & Tips

To ensure your best possible experience with us, familiarize yourself with some policies and tips around food, clothing, diapering and separation. Learn more


Calvary Hourly Childcare is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services Licensing Division.