“I can’t remember a thing about church today…”

It’s a common feeling among parents who are busy with young children during worship. But our nursery allows you to participate in worship knowing that your children are being cared for by loving and dedicated staff and volunteers.

Our nursery is available to families with children ages infant to 5 years old. Our hours cover all of our worship services:

  • Sundays – 9 & 10:30 a.m.
  • Thursdays – 6:30 p.m.

Check-in & checkout system

Safety is our top priority.  To help us, sign your child in every time, keep your check-in ID number (we will ask for ID if you do not have your ID stub) and wait for nursery staff to check you out before your child leaves the nursery.  We appreciate your patience during busy transition times.

As an extra safety measure, only staff can unlock and open the gates.


Since cell phone coverage is not available in all parts of the church, Calvary’s  nursery has a pager system that can reach you anywhere on the Calvary campus.  A pager will be given to all parents to ensure our ability to reach you.

We want children to be comfortable and happy.  We will do our very best to comfort and calm children who are experiencing separation anxiety.  If a child is upset for 10 or more minutes, we will page you.

Personal items, food & diapers

If you child brings a bottle or cup into the nursery, please make sure it is labeled with his/her name. Comfort items such as pacifiers, blankets and stuffed animals are welcome and encouraged for children who might have a little separation anxiety.  Please make sure your child has the item when you check out.

Calvary is a peanut-free zone. Please have your child finish any snacks or meal items prior to checking into the nursery. Snacks are not provided. If you anticipate your infant needing a bottle, please have it mixed and ready to serve.

For children in diapers, please bring a diaper each time you visit the nursery.  If you do not want to leave an entire bag, just leave a labeled diaper—we have everything else. When we do change a diaper, we will inform you with a sticker placed on the child’s back.

Other features

Mothers room
A private mothers room is available in the nursery, ask nursery staff for help.

Welcome bags
Some children don’t need full nursery care but just a simple distraction in order for the whole family to enjoy worship together. Welcome bags—which include quiet activities and crayons for your child to use during worship—are available in the Atrium.

For more information

…about the nursery, contact Barb Nelson by e-mail or at 763.231.2949.