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Calvary YTH provides an intentional, authentic, and welcoming community where students and adult leaders wrestle with what following Jesus could mean in their own lives. This happens through student-led worship, relevant messages and small-group discussions. Students are challenged to own their faith by encouraging honest conversations, providing space for asking questions, and exploring their doubts. Through this, they discover that Jesus can be trusted no matter what. Adults and peers walk together as they contemplate the mystery of God.

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Middle School / High School Fall Retreat

Retreats are a huge opportunity to take a step of faith and at Calvary all YTH students are encouraged to join in on the fun! Students will experience great teachings, worship, fun activities (dodgeball, ropes course, zipline, laser tag), and some awesome evening snacks!!! If you would like more information, contact Keith or check out the Trout Lake Camp website.

Location: Trout Lake Camp
Dates: November 3-5 
Cost: $180 students; $60 for leaders


The Confirmation faith milestone is a way for 10th graders to take a next step of faith. It is a way for students to “confirm” the promises that were made at their baptism by owning their faith and commiting to a growing relationship with Jesus. During a student’s experience in Youth Group from 6-12th grade they’ll learn key truths about faith that answer big questions surrounding identity, belonging, and purpose.

Confirmation is not an end point or a “faith graduation,” but the beginning of a new stage where students take greater personal ownership for their relationship with Jesus Christ.


NextGen leaders

NextGen leaders have the opportunity to learn the unique story of the students they encounter. Building relationships enables you to become one of the 5 adults investing in them. We value supporting and encouraging you in your own relationship with Jesus and helping you become the leader God created you to be. Interested in becoming a NextGen leader? Check out the opportunities in the volunteer section below.

NextGen Leaders handbook


Families are the greatest influencers in the faith development of their children. We want to help equip you for each phase of your child’s faith, social, and emotional development.  Let’s partner in this because your kids need to see faith in Jesus modeled from a whole community of believers!

YTH parent handbook


Katelyn Mapes

NextGen Director

Keith Richardson

YTH Director