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About Christian Weddings

We believe that a Christian wedding is an act of worship. It’s a ceremony in which we come together to offer special thanks and praise, and to ask God’s blessing upon your life together as husband and wife. It’s also a worship opportunity for all your guests as they join you in praising, praying and imploring God’s blessing upon your marriage.

At the center? Christ. Worship should focus first and last on Him. For your wedding, this means that God should be given glory and honor, and that the attention of all in attendance should be drawn to Him.

Marriage Information

To hold your wedding at Calvary, we ask that you:

  • Be engaged in Calvary’s worshiping community. 
  • Involve a Calvary pastor – A Calvary pastor must participate in your wedding. If you desire a specific pastor, that request will be considered but is not guaranteed. Guest clergy may participate in your wedding, with the approval of the Calvary pastor who will participate in your wedding.
  • Participate in pre-marital counseling – A personalized counseling plan will be created with the help of your presiding pastor.  You will have sit-down sessions between just the two of you and your presiding pastor, which will help you prepare for your future together, as well as to plan your wedding ceremony.
  • Obtain a Minnesota marriage license – Marriage certificates can be applied for at any Minnesota county office. Both bride and groom must be present at the time of application. For more, review Minnesota’s marriage license laws.

Scheduling Your Wedding

Weddings at Calvary may be held in the Golden Valley or Minnetonka Worship Center, the Chapel or Calvary Park (both in Golden Valley).

If you are interested in a wedding at Calvary, complete Calvary’s online Wedding Request Form. To make sure you are able to engage in pre-marriage counseling, your wedding request form should be submitted at least four months ahead of the desired wedding date. After you submit your request, you will be notified by email confirming the availability of your requested wedding date.  With that email you will receive the Wedding Guide, which includes the fee schedule and other relevant information needed to plan your wedding at Calvary.


Interested in holding your wedding reception at Calvary? Schedule those arrangements at the same time as you schedule your wedding.