global partners

In addition to our local outreach efforts, we partner with many other ministries to meet needs around the globe. Our global mission partners include …

Global Health Ministry

Global Health Ministry brings life to people in third-world countries by providing medical supplies and equipment that would otherwise be thrown away. Learn more

Logo for LHCB
Lutheran Health Care – Bangladesh (LHCB)

LHCB focuses on providing maternal and child health care and community development programs to the people of southern Bangladesh. A great short-term missionary opportunity for high school students and adults! Learn more

Logo for Lutheran World Relief
Lutheran World Relief (LWR)

In obedience to God and for the sake of the world, LWR works in rural areas around the world seeking to make an impact and build sustainable, resilient, productive and just communities. Learn more

Mazahua Valley Ministries (MVM)

Based in Mexico’s Mazahua Valley, MVM seeks to serve and walk alongside those who are in need by bringing hope to their families through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Learn more

Logo for WMPL
World Mission Prayer League (WMPL)

WMPL is made up of 5,000 Lutheran members committed to the power of community, prayer, a simplified lifestyle and sharing with the world the wonderful news about Jesus. Through 120 full-time missionaries, WMPL supports pioneering ministries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, as well as the United States and Canada. Learn more