Getting married? We’d love to help you create a meaningful and memorable occasion for you and your guests. And we pray it will be just the beginning of a marriage richly blessed by God.

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About Christian Weddings

We believe that a Christian wedding is an act of worship. It’s a ceremony in which we come together to offer special thanks and praise, and to ask God’s blessing upon your life together as husband and wife. It’s also a worship opportunity for all your guests as they join you in praising, praying and imploring God’s blessing upon your marriage.

At the center? Christ. Worship should focus first and last on Him. For your wedding, this means that God should be given glory and honor, and that the attention of all in attendance should be drawn to Him.

Requirements for Marriage

To be wed at Calvary, couples must meet the following requirements:

  • Engaged in Calvary’s worshiping community – Either the bride or groom. For more information about Calvary’s Next Steps classes. Learn more>>
  • Involve a Calvary pastor – At least one Calvary pastor must participate in your wedding. If requesting a specific pastor, that request will be considered but not guaranteed. Guest clergy may participate in your wedding but must be approved first. If approved, the guest clergy will receive a letter from the Calvary pastor inviting him/her to help officiate.
  • Participate in pre-marital counseling – A personalized counseling plan will be created with the help of your presiding pastor, which includes:
    • Pastoral counseling sessions – These sit-down sessions between just the two of you and your presiding pastor will help you prepare for your future together as husband and wife, as well as to plan your wedding ceremony.
    • A Pre-marriage Workshop – Conducted by an ordained Lutheran pastor, you’ll participate in a Saturday workshop with other couples having the same questions and desires for the future as a married couple. Learn more>>
  • Obtain a Minnesota marriage license – Marriage certificates are applied for at any Minnesota state county office. Both bride and groom must be present at the time of application. For more, review Minnesota’s marriage license laws.

Scheduling Your Wedding

Weddings at Calvary are performed on Saturdays at 1, 4, and 7 p.m. and may be held in one of three facilities: the Worship Center, Chapel or Calvary Park.

To begin the scheduling and marriage preparation process, complete and submit Calvary’s online Wedding Request Form. To fulfill the pre-marriage counseling requirement, your wedding request form should be submitted at least 4 months ahead of the desired wedding date. Within five business days after your submission, notification will be made by email confirming the availability of your wedding date.  Accompanying the email will be a copy of Calvary’s Wedding Guide with fee schedule providing all the relevant information needed to begin your wedding day planning without delay.

Wedding Guide

Upon receiving your request to be married at Calvary, a copy of our Wedding Guide will be forwarded to you. The guide includes:

  • Calvary’s Wedding Eligibility Guidelines
  • A description of the steps leading up to your marriage ceremony.
  • Wedding decoration suggestions (flowers, aisle cloth, candelabras, etc.).
  • Wedding ceremony suggestions:
    • Scripture
    • Wedding vows
    • Music and Calvary musicians
  • Florist and photographer guidelines.
  • Facilities Use guidelines.
  • Alcohol and drug use policy.

Using Our Facilities

Interested in holding your wedding reception at Calvary? Schedule those arrangements at the same time as scheduling your wedding. Please note that alcohol and tobacco use are not permitted on Calvary property. This includes the entire church building and Park. Indicate your interest on the Wedding Request Form and a facilities list with fee schedule will also be forwarded to you.

Selecting Music

The marriage service is a worship service and sacred rite. As in any worship service, the music is to be selected with care and discrimination. Your presiding pastor, along with our music worship leaders, can assist you in selecting appropriate music.

If you plan to employ musicians for your service, please make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible. Talented organists, soloists and instrumentalists are listed in the Wedding Guide. For further suggestions, contact our music staff.

Rely on the Wedding Coordinator

Calvary provides a wedding coordinator to be present at your rehearsal and wedding. She will assist you with receiving lines, guest book, dressing rooms and other details. She will also help coach parents, grandparents, ushers and the bridal party about their roles.