We cling to the salvation found in Christ Jesus and want to share that love and hope with you in the loss of a loved one. Lean on us in making funeral plans.

Arrangements for funerals or memorial services

Upon the death of a loved one, funeral or memorial services* may be arranged by calling the church at 763.545.5659 and asking to speak with a pastor. If calling after business hours, the voice message will provide you with directions to reach the pastor on call.

Funeral or memorial services are typically reserved for members, regular attendees and those with an ongoing relationship with Calvary visitation staff. Calvary pastors welcome the opportunity to support all grieving families and may be available to officiate at services held offsite at local funeral chapels.

*All services held in Calvary’s worship spaces require the participation of a Calvary pastor. Calvary does not rent our worship spaces to outside groups for funeral or memorial services, but other rooms may be available. Contact Calvary’s Facilities Coordinator for room rental availability and fees.

Upon reaching a pastor, basic decisions will be made based on the loved one’s wishes and family schedules, as well as worship and reception space availability, and interment scheduling. Considerations include:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • A time to meet with the pastor

When meeting with the presiding pastor, further decisions will include:

  • The worship service order, including Scripture readings, music selections and participants
  • Use of Calvary’s funeral pall
  • A visitation prior to the service
  • A reception following the service

These resources are available to you to help in your decision making:

Advance planning for your funeral or memorial service

Talking about your wishes in advance may ease the path for your loved ones at this difficult time. Prayerfully and carefully consider making your desires known by filling out Calvary’s Planning Your Funeral or Memorial Service worksheet. Upon submitting your worksheet, Calvary will place your wishes in a confidential file available only to the pastors. If wishing to update a previously submitted worksheet, just complete a new one and your plan with the most current date will be followed as best as possible.

Please remember to notify Calvary’s Caring & Health staff of changes in health status or residence. We are available to visit, bring Holy Communion, initiate conversations or participate in making care decisions.


Refer to Frequently asked questions for many answers.
For unique funeral service concerns, contact Pastor Skip Reeves, 763.231.2965.
Concerning receptions, contact Liz Turner, 763.231.2963.

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Advance Care Planning

Advance care planning is talking to your loved ones about what you would like your health care choices to be if a time comes when you are unable to speak for yourself. Calvary’s Parish Nurses are here to help with the process. Contact Cindy Engelkes, 763.231.2964. More>>

All Saints Remembrance Services

Each fall, Calvary remembers those who have passed away over the year. Families who have lost loved ones are invited to attend worship services the first weekend in November that will include a slideshow of those who passed during the last year. Pictures to be included in the slideshow may be forwarded to Lisa Reesnes in the form of a .jpg. Invitations to attend the services are sent to a representative of the family in October.


A columbarium is a group of small compartments or “niches” designed to hold cremated remains. It’s a place of remembrance, contemplation, meditation and prayer. Our columbarium is in Calvary Park (on the church’s north side).

We’re happy to share more about:

  • Theology and cremation
  • Eligibility
  • Internment
  • Administration
  • Financing and cost
  • Reserving a niche

For more information and/or to reserve a niche, contact Lisa Reesnes,  763.231.2941.

Calvary Endowment Funds

Calvary believes that Christian stewardship leads us to bless others beyond our own lifetimes. Calvary Endowment Funds help people do just that. Become a donor through lifetime or planned giving. Visit Calvary’s Endowment Funds page for a list of endowment funds. For more information, contact Liz Turner, 763.231.2963.